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Helena Kubicka De Bragança
+ Danniel Swatosh

Artist Duo

Our Story

Danniel and Helena are intrinsically intertwined in ways beyond this lifetime. Their web-like narratives weave mythmaking, truth-telling, and symbolic spiritualism, a merging of beings and things with the natural world from birth to earth. Danniel, a visionary, and Helena, the sole person capturing their experience with photo and video, create together through intuition and hypnotic flow, transcending consciousness to dive deeper into the surreal reality that holds us all. 

They crossed paths several times before realizing their relationship's significance. The first was a fleeting memory at an exhibition of desire and disillusion. The second was when they gave birth to their firstborn children hours apart in adjacent rooms. Walking through the gate of motherhood, they looked eye to eye, acknowledging the shared experience but did not recognize each other. Destined to meet again, they cosmically connected at a loft party in NYC and spawned a friendship through bonds of motherhood. 

Their relationship is a portal into the primordial well; they tap into the alchemical source of creation and the vibrational pulse that gives them life.


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